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  1. Hell Belle of Hell Belle Happy Hour, Rockstars Glued Radio voices

“Alixcia takes you on a cool trip to a deeper shade of soul and keeps you groovin’ all the way”

  1. Jay Nunly, Programming Consultant/Media Critic, enthuses of the band’s album (Read the Entire Article)

"Musicianship throughout the album is rock solid and not once does anyone go too far, too fast, or too stupid. There is an elegance and subtlety that is far too rare with current music."

  1. Tony Moton, Award-winning music critic, writes of  Break You Off 

"Break You Off is a pop-funk jam that leaves nothing to imagination, both lyrically and musically. Wrapped in a danceable funky confection of soul-drenched grooves is the story of a woman who knows what she wants, and dares tell us how she wants it. Thankfully, for men and women alike, this steamy track has something for everyone’s naughty side on and off the dancefloor"

  1. Tony Moton, Award-winning music critic, expresses of the music

“Alixcia is a true throwback to a musical time gone by, when funk and R&B ruled the airwaves and our hearts. But instead of mimicking past greats, she gives funk a fresh and vibrant makeover that can appeal to a new generation. Bless her soul because the sound of her sou is truly blessed.”

  1. Zachary C. Tiller, On-Air Personality/Production KIWR 89.7 The River, states of Alixcia’s music 

"This is no the candy coated pill, that once the flavors wears away, you’re left with the bitter middle. This is real and revealing. Showing you more with every listen, earning permanence in your playlist."

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